CTS Events
November 14, 2012

Dr. Nebiyou Tilahun, UPP, presents a seminar entitled "An agent based model of origin destination estimation (ADOBE)" Wednesday, November 14th at 4:00 pm in Rm 1127 SEO


November 7, 2012

Mr. Thomas Murtha, CMAP, will address the CTS-IGERT community at 4:00 p.m. in Room 1127 SEO.


October 24, 2012

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Bo Zou, CME, on Wednesday, October 24th, Room 1127 SEO, 4:00 p.m.


CTS Happenings
September 25, 2012

Award Received by Joshua Auld, CTS-IGERT alumnus.


April 20, 2012

Congratulations to James Biagioni, CTS Fellow and CS PhD candidate, winner of the Dean's Scholar award.


January 2, 2012

James Biagioni, CTS Fellow, receives "Best Presentation Award" at SenSys2011


July 30, 2010

Dr. Ouri Wolfson, Dr. Phillip Yu, and Leon Stenneth, CS student and CTS Associate, recently had a paper accepted to the 6th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob 2010).



Chad Williams

Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
Personal webpage
  • Ph.D. Computer Science University of Illinois at Chicago
    • M.S. Computer Science DePaul University
    • B.S. Computer Science Cornell University
Areas of interest:
Artificial Intelligence
Chad Williams has completed his PhD and has accepted a position as Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Department Mathematics & Computer Science, at Bemidji State University. He may be contacted via email at cwilliams at bemidjistate.edu

Congratulations, Chad.

Chad is a PhD student in the department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His primary research interest is in artificial intelligence specifically applying machine learning and data mining techniques to practical applications. He received his B.S. from Cornell University in 1998, and his M.S. from DePaul University in 2006.

His current research focuses on applying data mining techniques combined with reinforcement learning to enable real-time travel prediction and tour scheduling for individuals. The goal of this work is to enable intelligent travel applications by providing insight into individual's future travel plans and scheduling preferences. A major goal of this work is to provide this insight without compromising user privacy by not requiring the user to divulge their travel history. His advisors are Dr. Peter Nelson (Computer Science) and Dr. Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian (Civil and Materials Engineering).

During his masters research with Dr. Bamshad Mobasher, he examined techniques for securing recommender systems. This project focused on identifying weaknesses of existing recommendation algorithms, exploring more robust recommendation techniques, and limiting the impact of malicious attacks. Prior to his graduate studies, Chad was an IT consultant for 7 years for several Fortune 500 companies in the financial and insurance sectors.

Full list available here

Auld, J.; Williams, C. A.; Mohammadian, A. & Nelson, P. C. (2009), 'An Automated GPS-Based Prompted Recall Survey With Learning Algorithms', Transportation Letters: The International Journal of Transportation Research 1(1), 59-79.

Mobasher, B.; Burke, R.; Bhaumik, R. & Williams, C. (2007), 'Toward trustworthy recommender systems: An analysis of attack models and algorithm robustness', ACM Transactions on Internet Technology 7(4), 23.

Williams, C.; Mobasher, B. & Burke, R. (2007), 'Defending recommender systems: detection of profile injection attacks', Service Oriented Computing and Applications 1(3), 157-170.

Non-Refereed Journals:

Williams, C. (2006), 'Profile Injection Attack Detection for Securing Collaborative Recommender Systems', Master's thesis, Department of Computer Science, DePaul University.

Published Conference Presentations:

Williams, C. A.; Nelson, P. C. & Mohammadian, A. (2009), Attribute Constrained Rules For Partially Labeled Sequence Completion, Advances in Data Mining - Applications and Theoretical Aspects, vol. 5633, July 2009, pp. 338-352


Williams, Chad A., Nelson Peter C. and Mohammadian, Albofazi (2009, July). Attribute Constrained Rules For Partially Labeled Sequence Completion. To appear in the Proceedings of the 9th Industrial Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'2009). Leipzig, Germany.

Auld, J., Williams C., and Mohammadian A. (June 2008). Prompted Recall Travel Surveying with GPS, In Proceedings of Transport Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Auld, J.; Williams, C. A.; and Mohammadian, A. - Activity-travel surveying using GPS technology. Presentation at the New Technology Subcommittee Meeting at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. Washington, D.C., January 13-17, 2008.

Williams, C.A. - Quickly Learning Activity and Travel Patterns of Individuals: Transfer Learning for Individual Travel Behavior Prediction, February 2008, Computational Transportation Science seminar

Williams, C.A. - Spatial temporal mining of travel diaries, February 2007, Computational Transportation Science seminar

CTS-IGERT Colloquium January 29, 2009; July 16, 2009

International Experience Highlights

In April, Chad Williams visited with Dr. John Polak at Imperial College in London to kickoff an ongoing partnership. The visit was very productive and identified a collaboration related to their Mobile Environmental Sensing System Across Grid Environments (MESSAGE) project. The project features a fleet of vehicles equipped for a mobile environmental sensing network, which would benefit from Chad's transportation focused data mining work, while also providing a realistic environment and test bed for Chad's research. This collaboration promises to be mutually beneficial and continue throughout the next year. In addition, Dr. John Polak will be part of Chad's dissertation committee to further strengthen these ties throughout the course of his research.